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Small Group Research Sessions with Experienced, Evidential Mediums

About the Small Group Sessions

These small group sessions are held online with an experienced, evidential medium. There are no more than 6 attendees (sitters) along with one medium and one or two moderators for each session. The medium focuses on communicating for each sitter for 10-15 minutes. The sessions last from approximately 30 to 90 minutes, depending on how many sitters there are. We use online video conferencing software, which is free for you to use. In addition, you will be asked to answer pre- and post-session questionnaires, which will take from 15-30 minutes of additional time. Please be sure to read the Participant Information for further details.

Why We Created This

These small group sessions were created to give more people the opportunity to experience readings with a professional medium. Having your own personal experience and hearing evidential information that is meaningful to you is the most important part of these sessions. We also gather an analyze information from each session and your answers to our questions. These analyses are reported in aggregate form and excerpts that do not identify you (unless you have given us permission).

Your Privacy

We know your privacy is important to you and it is to us, too. Your session is recorded and given to the people in attendance. In addition, our researchers and volunteers have access to the recordings and data only for the purposes of analysis.

Upcoming Small Group Mediumistic Sessions

These sessions are held during the dates and times below. Currently all sessions are conducted in English and cost only $50 per session per person. We’d love to have you participate in this research! It has been eye-opening for many and life changing for some!

Available Sessions*

All sessions are in US Central Time.

More sessions coming in October!

October 2023

Tuesday, October 3rd – 1pm – Laura Mendelsohn
Human Mediumship - English
50 USD

Thursday, October 19th – 4:30pm – Michelle Leray
Human Mediumship - English
50 USD

* All times are shown in US Central time. Please use World Time Buddy to calculate the start time for your area.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why were these particular mediums selected?

The mediums participating in this research program have demonstrated a history of excellence in providing evidential communications in one-on-one sessions, group settings and large theater-type venues. We have not canvassed the world of all mediums and we welcome any inquiries from mediums who wish to participate.

We are grateful to the mediums who have agreed to participate thus far. They understand and support the importance and effect that this type of personal experience has upon people. They also realize that, through this program, greater numbers of people will have the opportunity to participate in research that will benefit everyone.

How do I know that you are not telling the mediums ahead of time who I am?

We do not have anywhere near the enormous resources that would be required to research the family trees, hospital records and death certificates the world over associated with everyone that signs up. has built its reputation of integrity by presenting our sources and analyses for all to see and evaluate, skeptics and believers alike. There is no need to conjure up information about the reality of the afterlife, a mammoth amount of evidence already exists proving the afterlife’s existence. There is nothing to prove except to provide a setting where people will have a chance to personally experience this information firsthand and to learn more about the afterlife realms. Plus, the mediums will not know who has signed up until they first appear to them during the session.

How can I make sure the medium is not leading me on to divulge information during the session?

When you receive a direct communication about someone that it appears you know, we recommend that you initially answer any offered information from the medium with either “yes”, “no” or “I don’t know” replies or ask questions yourself that may provide “proof of passage” to you. However if enough information comes through that is obviously evidential and is accurate, you may want to supply additional details, which will allow the other attendees in the session to experience the reality of the communication you are having. This should be a very heartwarming, joyous occasion. We at have already put together what we consider enough information to confirm life after death. Our main purpose in these sessions is to provide YOU with firsthand experiential “data” and personal proof of life after death.

How are sessions conducted?

  1. Request the session of your choice using the contact form above the available sessions list. This sends us an eMail with your request.
  2. We will then send you a payment link and additional details with a request for further information.
  3. Once your payment has cleared, we will send you a confirmation eMail with account login information.
  4. Once you log in, you will see a link to the Pre-session Questionnaire. If this is a subsequent session, you will not be asked to answer another Pre-session Questionnaire.
  5. In the eMail you receive from us, you will have a link to the session (this is a different login than for your account). Be sure to try the link so that you are ready to easily log on when it is time for your session. We use Zoom for the sessions and you may be asked to install the Zoom software. It is very easy to use.
  6. Fifteen (15) minutes before your session time, log on using the same link. Be sure: to have something on which to take notes; that your space is quiet; you won’t be interrupted; and to come with a calm and open mind.
  7. After the session is over, you will be asked to log into your account once again to answer the Post-session Questionnaire. This will be requested after every session you attend.

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