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Our Mediums

Experienced, Skilled Professionals

Our mediums are all skilled professionals with a proven track record. They have devoted their lives to helping people connect with those who have crossed over and to help all of us understand more than what we see in our everyday lives.

Lauren Bortolami Robbins Medium

Lauren Bortolami Robbins

Lauren Bortolami Robbins is an internationally known Professional Medium and Spiritual Teacher who is credible, honest, and compassionate, which has earned her many written reviews from clients across the globe. Lauren has had the ability to connect to spirit since the age of two and a half years old when she had a near death experience and developed permanent double vision and began seeing into two realms simultaneously.

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Jessica Costello Medium

Jessica Costello

Jessica Costello is an internationally known Psychic Medium and Healer, and Radio Host. Having been born with many Psychic gifts that give her the unique ability to tune in and see the client’s path in life. She has the gift to see directly into heart and soul of the client as well as what the future holds for them and will use this gift to guide them to a more fulfilling Path. Jessica is a uniquely practical intuitive, and her no nonsense nature carries through with every reading.

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Alain Jean-Baptiste Medium

Alain Jean-Baptiste

Alain Jean-Baptiste has over 20 years of experience as a Medium, Intuitive Strategist and Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer. As a healer with powerful intuitive abilities, Alain is able to speak to spirits by drawing on his psychic abilities. He can safely connect you with departed loved ones for a truly rare and coveted experience.

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Denise Lescano Medium

Denise Lescano

Denise Lescano is a Professional Psychic Medium, Intuitive Consultant, Author & Teacher. She is well known and sought after Internationally and widely respected for the unprecedented work she has done in the mental health community and with law enforcement since 2006. She has a rock solid reputation for delivering very precise, detailed and evidential messages and information. She has volunteered countless hours since 2001 to many, various non-profits for grief and addiction for the purpose of recovery and research. She also uses her unique skill set to assist law enforcement and the US military on local, national and federal levels in the US and abroad.

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Laura Mendelsohn Medium

Laura Mendelsohn

Laura Mendelsohn is known for accurate, evidential psychic mediumship. Over 30 years ago a chance meeting in Central Park steered Laura’s destiny toward her gift as a full trance medium and channel. Laura is author of “The SOUL Law of Attraction Secret,” the Soul Psychic Healer certification program, featured in “100 Top Psychics & Astrologers In America,” interviewed by print and radio media, filmed for television, hosts her own radio show doing live uncut mediumship.

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Jen Queen Medium

Jen Queen

Jen first noticed that she had the ability to feel spirit at the age of 7 and began having regular contact with loved ones 17 years ago. Today, she is sought after nationally and internationally for her mediumship and psychic insights. Jen has appeared on television, is scheduled for an upcoming Hay House radio program, and her first book is due for release in 2015. In addition to her own busy schedule, Jen mentors other professional mediums.

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Anna Raimondi Medium

Anna Raimondi

Anna is an internationally renowned Spiritual Psychic Medium. Her writings include: Talking to the Dead in Suburbia - An Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary Gift (2009) and One with the Drum - A Shamanic Journey to the Soul (2011). She has hosted Messages from Heaven, a radio show and has been a guest on many radio stations and television shows.

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Wendy Van de Poll Medium

Wendy Van de Poll

Wendy Van de Poll is a sought after Animal Communicator Expert and Intuitive Life Path Coach dedicated to empowering women and really cool men in discovering their Sacred Soul Promises™ and learning to trust their intuition. Using her intuitive coaching process, Wendy brings in the energy and messages of your animals (past and present) to empower and support you in knowing yourself on a deeper, more intimate level.

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Are you an experienced medium?

If you are a skilled medium with a proven track record and are interested in participating in this program, please contact us. We would like to bring this program to as many people as possible and expand the research data.