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Wendy Van de Poll – Medium

Wendy Van de Poll Medium

I am so excited to share my journey with you and my dream is that you will see that you will be able to also transform your life just as I did mine.

You see I made the transformation because of a gift I received from all the animals in my life. From the messages and healing of my pets’ to the animal spirits and the wolves that I actually ran with in the wild and captivity!

My story is that ever since I can remember I have had an inner sense of knowing. Throughout my life I thought differently, acted differently and saw things differently than the people around me. I always felt like I wasn’t from this planet.

The thing is…I could talk to animals and sense what people were feeling all around me. I knew this was a wonderful and powerful insight but I really didn’t know how to handle it.

Yet, as I got older I started to feel “not so cool” talking to animals and reading people’s energy fields. So, I shut down this gift. And for many years I explored tons of other ways to live my life WITHOUT my insight.

But I was always off, always had a weird inner vibration and had a knack for getting myself into extremely unhealthy situations and relationships.

My life has been experience rich with some tough lessons. It has taken me on some pretty challenging journeys that were not always fun and often extremely painful. I finally learned that these journeys were teachers from the Divine Spirit that grounded me to feel alive, passionate and excited by the work that I now do!

The great news is that you can reach this brilliance in your life too! Along with my professional training, life experiences and connection with Spirit and Animals – know that the feelings that get in your way – can be changed – they did for me and I look forward to working with you and your animal!

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