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Alain Jean-Baptiste – Medium

Alain Jean-Baptiste Medium

Alain Jean-Baptiste has over 20 years of experience as a Medium, Intuitive Strategist and Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer. As a healer with powerful intuitive abilities, Alain is able to speak to spirits by drawing on his psychic abilities. He connects with the other side through a process he calls “Transcending to other worlds.” Alain’s approach is different than other psychic mediums because he provides each participant with the opportunity to connect, communicate and converse with a specific person on the other side. He simply needs the individual’s complete name and their age at the time of their death. He can safely connect you with departed loved ones for a truly rare and coveted experience.

Alain is a highly sought-after business consultant, life coach and senior advisor. He is known for his profound ability to help people from all walks of life overcome challenges by using a combination of highly effective NLP methods and his phenomenal gifts as a Medium. From personal achievement and healing to financial success and worldly accomplishments, his powerful impact has helped thousands of individuals to achieve amazing results.

Alain first began his career as an NLP therapist at the Centre de Neuropedagogie De La Rive-Sud, where he shone as a top results coach and quickly became the media spokesman. As he sharpened and harnessed his mental abilities with powerful NLP methodologies, he also furthered his own innate intuitive abilities. This allowed him to tap into a double-edged training system that facilitated not only healing and growth; individuals also attained unprecedented levels of success. Based on Alain's unique knowledge of NLP and Medium understanding, he developed the groundbreaking new training system, Higher Sensory Perception ™ (HSP). HSP training is designed to show you how to tap into your own unconscious intuitive abilities and become the master of your own fate.

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