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Evidential Medium

Lauren (Bortolami) Robbins is a renowned and award-winning Tested and Endorsed Evidential Psychic, Spirit Medium, Afterlife Research Medium, Author, Healer, and Spiritual Teacher, and a Catholic who has earned over 400+ written reviews by clients. She was recently named as the #1 Psychic Medium by Kev’s Best. She has been interviewed by CBS, NBC, and Fox News, IHeart Radio, and more about her work.

At the age of two Lauren began seeing into the spiritual realm after developing permanent double vision and a lazy eye from a brief illness. After years of suppressing her gifts she opened her first practice in 2007 as a Reiki Master/Teacher and Spiritual Healer to help others with pain, trauma, and loss after losing her father and going through a traumatic divorce. Lauren began receiving evidential psychic, medium, and angelic messages for clients during their Reiki sessions and sought advice from her family priest if she was doing the right thing by providing these messages. After listening to her stories of saving many individuals who were suicidal or who asked for a sign from God and then met Lauren, her priest told her “Not all mediums work for God, but you do”, she was able to embrace her God given gifts.

Between 2011 and 2012, Lauren faced two devastating losses that she had foreseen and came to light. They were so debilitating her mother and confidant told her “put yourself into your practice to help others and heal yourself.” Because of her mother’s loving words and spiritual guidance, Lauren did just that. Her sadness turned into determination and to make it in life, despite the losses she had to live with everyday that most people would find unbearable. But in 2012, she found the love of her life that rescued her heart, a firefighter who helped her to regain her emotional, physical, and spiritual strength.

By 2013, Lauren was invited to be a Research Afterlife Medium for Science, was under contract for a television show, and had been ranked as one of the Top Ten Psychic Mediums across the globe. Between 2013 and 2016 she was tested over eight times for accuracy by The Voices Across the Veil Program, Best American Psychics, Ayrial, and casting directors as a Tested and Endorsed Psychic Medium. Lauren continues to be tested by producers, show hosts, and various media outlets for her work to prove the other side exists and has also won numerous awards for her work.

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