Laura Mendelsohn

Evidential Medium

I am known for eerily real, compellingly accurate, evidential clairvoyant psychic mediumship. While I specialize in mediumship, I have a deep, broad psychic skill set that allows me to provide psychic sessions, medical intuition, soul healing, coaching, and several other services. I am:

Host of “The MIX:  LIVE, REAL & RAW Mediumship & Messages,” radio show Mondays, 7pm ET. Radio show video on my website.

Author of the “The ‘SOUL’ Law of Attraction Secret,” and The Soul Psychic Healer self-paced mediumship video training including 4 other e-books, 4 video classes, etc.

Featured in “100 Top Psychics & Astrologers in America,” chosen for directory, interviewed by WIOD 610 AM, Sun Sentinel, X-Zone Radio, WFTL AM 850, WWNN AM 1470, to name a few. Filmed for TV.

Credentials – I am Accredited as a Professional Mental Medium by ASSMPI (American Society for Standards in Mediumship and Psychical Investigation). I have earned reams of unsolicited client testimonials, am a college graduate, former software professional, Cert. Small Bus. Coach. I am trained in Quantum Touch, Reiki Energy Healing, Science of Mind Metaphysics (2 years), and Cert. NLP Primary State.

OK. I admit it. I tried to be normal most of my life, but failed at it miserably. Instead, I discovered over 30 years ago why I always felt so awkward, shy and different. At that time a psychic told me my guides were trying to come through. As soon as I asked they spoke. A voice boomed so loudly from my vocal box I was shaken at once with fear and fascination. Without ever a class or development circle I began to channel spirit even to full trance.

I knew then why my mother was a medium and I was so sensitive. Still choosing to ignore my obviously unique nature, fate pushed me from failed millionaire to full-fledged medium against my best efforts to detain. Now I love what I do, feeling it is my mission to serve you and the higher realm with my gifts.

If you would like to see spirit prove itself through compellingly accurate, evidential psychic mediumship sessions, watch the videos or read the testimonials found on my website.

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My Upcoming Sessions*

Monday, July 20th – 2:30pm
Human Mediumship - English

Monday, August 24th – 2:30pm
Human Mediumship - English

Monday, September 21st – 2:30pm
Human Mediumship - English

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