Is there life after death?

Our research may have answers for you!

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Learn About What Happens After Death


There is a revolution in consciousness happening — one where people are starting to realize that perhaps there truly is a purpose to why we are here. There is a hunger to find out more and dig deeper. People are seeking to find out the truth about themselves, for themselves, that ultimately benefits everyone.


Voices Across the Veil™ was created in response to requests we received through Visitors to that website have taken great comfort in the information presented there. That comfort combined with supportive and encouraging press from other websites and blogs keeps us wanting to do more for everyone. That is why Voices Across The Veil™ was created.

The Start

Voices Across The Veil™ was originally created to allow more people to experience after-death communications with experienced, evidential mediums. It encourages you to open your mind to new possibilities. It provides an environment for safe exploration of your most asked questions about the afterlife and allows you to share knowledge with others.

Your Privacy

We know your privacy is important to you and it is to us, too. We allow you to set your privacy level before you attend a private or small group session.

Where We Are Today

Voices Across the Veil™ has expanded to include different types of research. In addition to our small group mediumship sessions, we also offer a direct personal communication experience and soon, we will have some channeling sessions. Two more research projects are also ready to move forward after that.

Why Your Participation is Important

What happens when we die is one of the subjects that crosses nearly everyone’s mind at some point in their life. continues to look at various published works to answer this and many other related questions. Voices Across The Veil looks at the answers to these questions from a different angle…people’s personal experiences today…both from this side of The Veil and the other.

If you’re curious about what happens after death, where we go after we die, why we are here, how your loved ones who have passed on are doing, and so much more, clear your mind, open your heart and join us!


Michelle Szabo

Michelle Szabo

Michelle has a passionate interest in the afterlife and the arts. She is an intuitive healer, spiritual coach, speaker, artist, writer, teacher and musician. As a spiritual counselor and ordained priest, she works with people on an energetic level to help them reconnect with their true soul purpose. Michelle has blended her research, communication, design, writing, and teaching experience with her interest in the afterlife to co-create and facilitate Voices Across the Veil, and “When people are willing to think about things differently, their life changes. My hope is that Voices Across the Veil will help individuals learn to look at life and death in a more positive and blended way.”

Dr. Dennis Grega

Dr. Dennis Grega

Dennis earned his PhD in Research Psychology from New York University. He brings a life-long study in esoteric subjects with strong database skills to Voices Across the Veil as a co-creator and facilitator. Previously, Dennis spent time as a research psychologist at NYU Medical Center and as an adjunct professor of psychology teaching research design and statistical analysis at Hunter College. “A Voices Across the Veil session provides an opportunity to communicate with loved ones who have passed on and the personal experience of knowing they are alive and well. What better knowledge can be gained than knowing you live forever?”

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