General Answers to Common Questions


What is this all about?

The most important purpose of the Voices Across The Veil sessions is that they allow people worldwide to experience, for themselves, “data” about the afterlife at an affordable cost. The information obtained from the sessions is then compared to our current historical findings as well as reported back in aggregate form on AfterlifeData.com. It is an extensive multi-cultural study of life after death communication from around the world. This 21st century expansion of afterlife communications may very well be the largest afterlife research project in the world. By attending sessions, you are supporting this work and learning more about life after death communication for yourself on a more personal level.

Isn’t this talking to the dead stuff a lot of hocus pocus?

In our opinion, it is not. However, if you are skeptical, the best way to answer this question for yourself is to attend a session. If you have not read through the historical writings referenced on AfterlifeData.com, we highly recommend you do so. The information is extraordinary in its consistency and detail. The sessions we offer give us the opportunity to add to this collection and present it to everyone. The information obtained from these sessions will be compared to the historical writings wherever applicable. At the same time, these sessions will provide personal, qualitative afterlife evidence to all who participate. Hocus pocus is where rabbits are pulled out of a hat and not from evidential information communicated by very “alive” people who have merely passed across The Veil.

Why do I have to fill out questions prior to and after the session?

These are worldwide, multi-cultural research projects to show the validity of after death communication. As such we are utilizing standardized questionnaires developed by psychological researchers as well as our own question sets that will be used to analyze and compile information from these sessions. The findings will be presented on this website and AfterlifeData.com and distributed to other interested sites for people around the world to see and evaluate. The questionnaires are an important part of the research. There are important privacy settings in the questionnaires that you must acknowledge. However, you may remove yourself from the research at any time. We do hope that by participating you will see the value in these studies and will contribute your views through the questionnaires for the benefit of others.

Purchasing Sessions

How many times can I sign up?

There is no limit to how many sessions you may attend. That is one of the reasons that we are making these sessions as affordable as possible to everyone worldwide. We look forward to monitoring the types of information that come through for people who experience more than one session.

Can I purchase more than one seat at a session for members of my family and friends?

Yes. You may “gift” as many sessions as you would like to others. However, you will need to make each purchase separately. After you complete the purchase you will go to a page where you may enter pertinent information for the attendee. We will then send them a message explaining that you have purchased a seat for them for the session as well as other information they will need in order to attend. If you are purchasing three or more seats for a session, please contact us and we will make the purchasing experience easier for you.

Session Cancellations

What is your refund policy? Can I reschedule if I cannot make it to the session?

We require 72 hours notice in advance of the session time to cancel your participation in a session. You may request a refund or reschedule for a different session depending on your preference. Rescheduled sessions must be of the same purchase value. Please notify us via email, which was provided to you upon signup. Be sure to clearly indicate the day, date, time and medium/facilitator for your session. For rescheduling, please indicate your first and second choice sessions. Sessions may only be rescheduled once. For refunds, we will simply refund your money (minus any payment gateway fees) to the same credit card or account you used for payment.

Why can’t I cancel at the last minute?

Our mediums and facilitators are working professionals and are booked well in advance. They are putting aside time from their regular schedules to participate in this research at a lower than usual rate and sometimes for free. In addition, we spend an enormous amount of time scheduling and organizing sessions, analyzing data, and handling many details in order to make each session a special experience for everyone. Last minute cancellations may mean that we cannot cover our costs for a particular session and may have to then cancel the entire session, which would be very unfair to everyone.

What if an emergency occurs and I can’t make the session?

If you feel that life is tossing a lot of emergencies at you or you are expecting a possible scheduling conflict at that time (pregnancy due dates, important meetings near your session time, travel, etc.), please consider scheduling at another time. If your emergency occurs 72 hours or more in advance of the session, then you may reschedule for a later session where there is space available. If the emergency occurs within 72 hours of the session, we will need to deal with this on a case by case basis. We are trying to make these sessions affordable for everyone. Providing reasonable pricing depends a great deal on everyone showing up. However, we do understand that emergencies can occur and we will try very hard to find a solution that makes everyone involved happy.

What happens if we cancel a session?

This can occasionally happen and when it does we will notify you and provide a rescheduling option or refund.


Is my information private?

The sessions in which you are participating are small group or private sessions where all attendees can see and hear each other. Recordings will show all attendees on the recording. By default, your information will be used in aggregated research reporting as well as individual excerpts without identifying you personally. For each session in which you participate you will be able to adjust the privacy level of your information in the post-session questionnaire. Please be aware that our researchers and volunteers may have access to your session and they have each signed a non-disclosure agreement with us. Please review our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Ethical Guidelines for more information.

During the Session

What if the person I want to speak with does not come through?

We cannot guarantee who will communicate during a session. You must keep in mind that people who have crossed over, especially if it is recent, are in a new environment and learning as well. In some cases there may be some rest, recuperation and reorientation needed before communication is possible. There are many, many other possible reasons which would be too lengthy to discuss in this section. It is certainly legitimate to ask the person who comes through about the person you were interested in speaking with. They may or may not have information, but it is certainly worth asking.

What if none of the information is accurate?

Our participating mediums, channelers and facilitators have been specially selected because of their history in providing accurate life after death communications. There are a number of reasons for inaccuracy to occur, which would be too long to spell out here. However, the chances of 100% inaccuracy are extremely low to the point where it is probable that the wrong person was being addressed with the information, though we would expect someone else in a small group session to recognize that the information is probably meant for them and will say so at that time. If there is a case where 100% of the information is considered inaccurate, we will follow up on that case very closely to investigate it thoroughly. Perceived inaccuracies do not qualify you for a refund.

What guarantee do I have that I will receive a  communication?

We are limiting each small group session size to 6 participants and have asked our mediums to be sure to attempt a communication for each person. Unlike larger theater-type venues where the probability of receiving a communication is extremely low, we are sensitive to the fact that everyone participating in these sessions is doing so because they wish to make contact with their loved ones. Our private DPC sessions are different in that you make the connection, not the facilitator. We want everyone to experience the great emotional effect and energy that the information has upon receiving a communication.

Can my family and friends listen to the session?

Only the paid attendee should be present in the room for a session. We have found that when family or friends were also present, that their energies may affect who comes through. That is, loved ones may come through for those sitting in the background instead of for the attendee who scheduled the session in the first place. Remember that a free recording is given to all attendees after a session so that family and friends can watch a recording of the session to help validate information if necessary. We also require all background noise be kept to a minimum out of respect for the other attendees and the medium. If it is impossible to prevent family and friends from being present, they should not be within view of the camera. Although even off camera, their energies may still be disruptive. Please do not allow small children or animals to disrupt the session. Remember that this should be a focused, private time for you. That is the way you will get the most out of it.

Can I get a recording of the session?

Yes, all paid participants can get a recording of their session and a download link will be made available to you to download for free. If you would like a physical copy on DVD, you can create one yourself for archival purposes only, from the download made available to you. This recording is for your own private use and may not be put on any web server, shared on any social site, or displayed in any public or private way whatsoever.

How often will you be adding sessions?

We will be adding new sessions regularly on each individual study page. To be notified of these sessions as early as possible, we recommend that you bookmark each study that interests you and revisit them from time to time. We will also be announcing new session dates in our periodic newsletters. Sign up at the bottom of any page.

How will the medium let me know that they are speaking to me?

Everyone will be able to see everyone else’s screen name. In small group sessions, the medium will use this screen name to address you or address you by describing your characteristics.

My English is not good, will you be having sessions in other languages?

We have plans to expand these sessions to include mediums, channelers and facilitators who speak other languages. Sign up for our newsletter (at the bottom of every page) or keep checking this site for future announcements. If you are aware of an experienced, evidential medium or channeler in your country, who may be interested in our research, please let us know. They would need to be fluent in their native language as well as English.

Technical Requirements

How technically easy is it to attend a session.

Very easy. The free software required is a simple one click installation and automatically takes you to the meeting. People that have used it have confirmed its ease of use. Please review the Participant Information for this and other important information.

How do I know whether my computer and internet connection are good enough to handle these sessions?

Please review the Participant Information for this and other important information.

We encourage you to read the Participant Information, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Ethical Guidelines for additional information. Your participation in the Sessions are guided by this information. If you have more questions, we are glad to answer them. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

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