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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this all about?

Isn't this talking to the dead stuff a lot of hocus pocus?

Why do I have to fill out questions prior to and after the session?


Is my information private?

Our Mediums

Why were these particular mediums selected?

How do I know that you are not telling the mediums ahead of time who I am?

How can I make sure the medium is not leading me on to divulge information during the session?

Purchasing Sessions

Can I purchase more than one seat at a session, for members of my family and friends?

How many times can I sign up?

What is your refund policy? Can I reschedule if I cannot make it to the session?

Why are some sessions more expensive than others?

Can I schedule a personal group session for just my family and friends?

Session Cancellations

Why can't I cancel at the last minute?

What if an emergency occurs and I can't make the session?

What happens if a session is cancelled by AfterlifeData.com?


What if the person I want to speak with does not come through?

What if I receive a direct communication and none of the information is accurate?

What guarantee do I have that I will receive a direct communication?

Can my family and friends listen to the session?

Can I get a recording of the session?

How often will you be adding sessions?

How will the medium let me know that they are speaking to me?

My English is not good, will you be having sessions in other languages?

Technical Requirements

How technically easy is it to attend a session.

How do I know whether my computer and internet connection are good enough to handle these sessions?

We encourage you to read the Participant Information, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Ethical Guidelines for additional information. Your participation in the Sessions are guided by this information. If you have more questions, we are glad to answer them. Please feel free to contact us at any time.