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About the Direct Personal Communication Sessions

Direct Personal Communication is a way to explore a technique based on scientific research, that could provide a channel through which afterlife communication can be directly experienced. It provides a platform where you may personally experience a connection and/or communication with a loved one who has transitioned into the afterlife. The sessions are private and last for approximately 90 minutes. We use online video conferencing software, which is free for you to use. In addition, you will be asked to answer pre- and post-session questionnaires, which take from 15-30 minutes of additional time. Please be sure to read the Participant Information for further details.

Why We Created This

Other modalities that are similar to this are being offered in private, in-person sessions. After adding up the travel and session costs, they can run into thousands of dollars. We wondered if shorter sessions could give people the experience they desired without the large cost.

Preliminary Tests

Our preliminary tests on the previous protocol met with great success, which is why we have decided to offer a new protocol coming third quarter 2021. Although we cannot guarantee 100% success for each person, we can tell you that the preliminary tests on the previous protocol showed us that 17 of 18 participants did make connections that were very real and heart felt to them.

Data Analysis

We also gather and analyze information from each session and your answers to our questions. These analyses are reported in aggregate form and excerpts that do not identify you personally (unless you have given us permission).

Your Privacy

We know your privacy is important to you and it is to us, too. Your session is recorded and given to you. In addition, our researchers and volunteers have access to the recordings and data only for the purposes of our analysis as described above.

Details for Upcoming Direct Personal Communication Sessions

A limited number of trial sessions will be available soon. These private sessions are conducted in English and last approximately 90 minutes.

New Sessions Start Third Quarter 2021!


Frequently Asked Questions

I thought that only mediums can “talk to the dead”?​

It is true that mediums have opened up channels in their psyche, some from a very early age, that makes it easier for them to receive communications from others in non-physical dimensions. However, you are biologically and anatomically no different from them. As such, you too have the capacity, presently unexplored, to open the same channels of communication to make a connection with those you wish to hear from. You may have already been receiving communications, probably unrecognized as such, in the form of dreams, synchronistic events and strange, unaccounted happenings that you could not explain. We live in a society that tends to downplay such occurrences and tends to belittle such things as “hallucinations” from an overactive imagination. What if they are not? It is a matter of perspective. If you are unsure about or disbelieve in an afterlife, then such unexplainable events tend to be pushed to the background, denied, and not talked about. The fear of being considered “crazy” is a legitimate fear only if life does not exist after death. But what if it does? Then perhaps, these things are not as crazy as they seem. Food for thought, chew on that for a while.

Why do I have to fill out medical, pharmaceutical and psychological history forms?

Providing information about your history gives us the ability to assure your session will be helpful and healthy for you. There are certain categories of medications that make connecting with our loved ones more difficult. When this information is known, there can be changes made in the protocol to somewhat compensate for the brain being medicated.

Through the experience memories can be triggered that need to be further processed. If you are working with a therapist, counselor, psychologist or other mental health worker having their name and contact information might be helpful for us to, with your permission, contact them regarding any support you might need after your session.

Are there any special preparations that I must do before the session?

It is easy for us to say, “just be open”. But what does being open actually mean? It means switching from a belief that it is not possible to the possibility it might happen. The only preparation you will need is to assume, at least for the 90 duration of the session, that life after death might be real, and if real, then communication should be possible.

Many who come to our mediumistic sessions are grieving over the loss of a loved one. Grief is a natural process that every human will experience at some point in their life. However, extreme grief can energetically close oneself off from others, yes even those “across the veil”. Communicators from the other side have said that grief is a measure of one’s disbelief in the afterlife. The amount of grief being experienced is a reflection upon the amount of disbelief in life after death. Grief at the physical separation is natural, but grief that the loved one is “dead and gone” is a basic fear of death itself and in the face of such permanent extinction, results in a contraction of the psychological​ channels. If at the core you believe that death is the end of everything, then opening up to the possibility of life after death is made much more difficult. We suggest that before signing up for this program that you take a good hard look at the amount of grief you are experiencing and then look at your beliefs and fears and consider whether it is possible for you to open up, at least for the session, to the possibility of “what if there is life after death”.

As we said in one of the questions above, we at AfterlifeData, already know, and as much as we would want to instill that belief in you, we can’t. Only you can through your own personal experiences.

So come to the session with an open heart and mind. That is all we can ask of you to do. Your loved one will take care of the rest.

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