There are many people who have helped with the creation of this website and the research programs themselves. We’d like to acknowledge their contributions to this body of work. Each and every one is a valued member of our team.

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Advisors & Colleagues

R. Craig Hogan
Wendy Zammit
Victor Zammit

Our Volunteers

Ti’ana Sage
Karyn Jarvie
Chad Brant-Gargan
Deborah Denmark
Krista Kay
Lorie McCloud
Lynne Thomas
Donna Lair


A few of our photos and videos have come from paid sources, but the others come from photos under a Creative Commons license or from people that have contributed their time and talents:

R’vyn Gaelan
Christian Nielsen
Fernando Brasil
Nandhu Kumar
Debby Hudson
Johannes Plenio
Hannah Morgan
Mark Basarab
Warren Wong
Guillermo Ferla
Anastasia Chazova
Evgeni Tcherkasski
Rinck Content Studio
Matt Houghton


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