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About the Program

There is a revolution in consciousness happening – one where people are starting to realize that perhaps there truly is a purpose to why we are here. There is a hunger to find out more and dig deeper that is stimulating more people to seek out the truth about themselves, for themselves, that ultimately benefits everyone.

The wonderful messages to AfterlifeData.com from visitors, who have taken great comfort in the information presented on the site, and the supportive press from other websites and blogs, keeps us wanting to do more for everyone. That is why Voices Across The Veil™ was created.

General Information

Voices Across The Veil sessions are small group sessions of 6-10 people, last about 1 hour* and are conducted online via video conference. In addition, participants are asked to answer pre- and post-session questionnaires, which will take from 15-30 minutes of additional time. Please be sure to read the Participant Information for further details.

* Sessions with 3 or fewer participants may be reduced in time.

Learn What Happens After Death

Voices Across The Veil was created to allow more people to experience after-death communications with experienced, reliable mediums. It encourages you to open your mind to new possibilities. It provides an environment for exploration of your most asked questions about the afterlife and allows you to share knowledge with others.

Private, Personal, Affordable Afterlife Communication Sessions

The online sessions allow you to gain firsthand experience in a small, private, group setting. We moderate each session with a skilled medium and no more than 10 participants. Each session is priced at a modest fee in order to compensate the mediums and our moderators for their time and effort as well as cover a small part of our operational costs.

Participate in Important Afterlife Research

What happens when we die is one of the subjects that crosses nearly everyone's mind at some point in their life. AfterlifeData.com continues to look at various published works to answer this and many other related questions. Voices Across The Veil looks at the answers to these questions from a different angle…people's personal experiences today…both from this side of The Veil and the other.

If you're curious about what happens after death, where we go after we die, why we are here, how are my loved ones who have passed on are doing, and so much more, clear your mind, open your heart and join us!

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Are you an experienced medium?

If you are a skilled medium with a proven track record and are interested in participating in this program, please contact us. We would like to bring this program to as many people as possible and expand the research data.