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Currently, we have 2 active public studies: small group readings with an experienced, evidential medium or private direct communication guided by a trained facilitator. Attend a session for a modest fee and be part of important afterlife research!


Voices Across the Veil™ is a series of research projects of These projects were created to give individuals first-hand, personal experience with evidential, spirit communications and to expand a body of research for current and future generations.


The research findings are analyzed individually and in aggregate so that we may track the validity of the information received. This information is added to and/or presented in report form on this website.

Life Changing

“…the nature of the one reading and given the edge of grief and the transformation I am going through, it is truly life changing.”

~ Krista K.

Evidential Statements

“The readings were excellent. My own had many evidential statements. Listening to the other participants’ readings was uplifting and interesting.”

~ Craig H.

Son Identified

“I believe the information that came through about my son identified him and I feel he was contacted by the medium.”

~ Kay K.

Amazing Session

“That was amazing!! Because of you, I am finally going to have a real night’s rest. I will no longer doubt my marriage. My life is now going to change for the better.”

~ Marilyn T.

Perfect Validation

“Immediately after the session I asked my 16 year old if she had written a poem or a song or letter to grandma after she passed–she was a little taken aback because it was something she had done and never told anyone. That is perfect validation!!”

~ Amanda B.


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With your support, we can continue this work, make more of it available to researchers and help educate others about life after death. Expanding our knowledge of life after death profoundly affects our time here on earth in positive, life-affirming ways. There is a revolution in consciousness happening – one where people are starting to realize that perhaps there truly is a purpose to why we are here.

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